Thursday, June 9, 2011

You hunger after what you feed on

In light my friend's Sam blog post today, I'm compelled to write something I have been stewing on for a while. It  falls into the vein of things but something I have noticed in my soul. That if I feed something, it gets hungry.

I am a food addict. There is not a food I don't like (other than ketchup). Over that last few months, I have tried to give up drinking pop (or soda). After a few days of resisting, I didn't thirst for it. However, when I finally said I was strong enough to have one, I would then thirst for them more.

The same goes with sweets. Before I got married, I cut all sweets out of my diet. I found that I didn't want them. But then I married a woman with a sweet tooth. She started buying more things with sugar and then I started to crave it. Fried Food is the same. Chips too. Lori doesn't struggle with eating these things so she buys it without a problem. If I buy it (or get around), I engorge myself into a food coma.

While things I liked I stopped craving, things I didn't like before I now wanted. For a long time, I hated olives, green peppers, asparagus and other "good for you items". But when I stopped eating the bad stuff, I had to eat something so I experimented. and I found many things that didn't stink. I actually wanted to eat that stuff. Amazingly, my appetite changed.

Jesus said blessed are those that hunger and thirst for righteousness. I find when I don't feed on God's word or on his goodness, I am no longer hunger for him. When I feed on the garbage around me, I start to want garbage. Sometimes, I have to force myself to eat right and acknowledge what I actually hunger after. I need to trust that my appetite is not always right but needs to be controlled. I praise God that I have a new heart that gives me new desires. Lord, help me to feed on what is good for me and my soul.

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