Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hard Hearted

When the Bible says, it is not good for man to be alone and the wife is
suppose to complete what is lack, in my case, it is because I am the Tin
Man from the Wizard of Oz. Without God using my amazingly gorgeous wife
to teach me how to feel, I would be lost. I am so cerebral and so
analytical, I can come off really cold and unloving.

My wife though, is the complete opposite. For the longest time, I
thought I was put here with her to help her think more about life. I
thought I was God gift (not the Holy Spirit) to rebuke and correct her
"lack of thought".

It isn't until recently that I realize it was my thinking that was off
and that it was I who needed help. While it has been (extremely)
difficult for her at time, I'm so thankful that God has place her with
me. Without her loving support and correction, I would know a lot but
not compassion. I would be able to talk a good game but no way to feel
my way out of anything.

To my wife, I'm sorry for being a hard hearted lug nut. Your patience
is a testament to the work of God in your life. Thanks for teaching me
what a heart is and how it can be just as important as a mind. You are
my oil can that has lead me to the real "Wizard of Oz", Jesus Christ.

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