Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I've been taking a blog break recently because I've been finding myself getting into a lot of e-fights. I was a little surprised but then started to realize that I have been pretty negative as of late. Being a critic more than being a cheerleader. I've been especially convicted of this after reading Vince Antonucci's post on Negativity. He writes:
The ironic thing is that I think we'd all say, "I prefer to be around positive people?" but we have to ask ourselves the question, "Am I a positive person?" Are you? Are you positive you're positive?
Well, I'm asking it and I really don't think I am. I am really good at looking at why something is wrong but not as good at saying something is good. I'm not as good at giving people the benefit of the doubt and looking for Graces in their life.

No where have I seen this more is in reaction to blogs or Facebook comments. For some reason, something wells up in me and I get VERY anger. Why? Also, I've had many of bad experiences trying to hammer out conflicts over e-mail. Facebook. Why? Is it my negativity that is the common thread? Or is something else?

I've been reading Shane Hipps book Flickering Pixels dealing "how technology shapes your faith." One chapter called "Our Nomadic Lives" dealt with this issue. He writes
The problem is that email and other test-based e-communication are designed for efficiency and, therefore, severely truncated. Intonation, body language, context, the rules of civil discourse, and the opportunity for midstream clarification are all stripped away, despite our best efforts to create a never-ending stream of emoticons. Given the limitations of email, the chances of miscommunication are near certain. (Pg. 118)
I intuitively know this but I don't know why I constantly try settle argument online. It is impossible. I know I'm negative and I do believe a good majority of are too. So if I say something, I should automatically someone might see it in a negative.

That's why I'm going to spend more time considering my words and asking am I positive that I am writing to be positive/constructing an idea versus being negative/deconstructing society. I repent. If I have given you the impression that I am a negative, angry guy, I repent that I have given people a false view of Jesus. I hope to make amends in the future and keep it simple and view things through the lens of grace.

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