Monday, July 13, 2009

Burqa or no Burqa?

Over at Jezebel, I saw that a Muslim Woman was killed in a German Courtroom. Couple that with the French Prime Minister wants to ban all women from wearing Burqas in the country.

I'm left wondering if this is where the US is moving towards? Europe is suppose to be more "enlightened" and "tolerant" but they are preventing Muslims from practicing their faith. Some will say that these "Christian" nations are doing this but no one will say that Europe today is christian. Europe is a secular area acting trying to ban religious expression.

I only mention this because it is nice to see many progressives see the stupidity in banning Burqa because they don't think that government should be telling any woman what she can or cannot wear. Not because it is religiously oppressive but womanly oppressive to tell a woman what to wear. John Stewart's team at the Daily show poked fun at this by encouraging Governments to ban high heels and bulimia as well.

Reading the comments on these stories echoes the thought the current major objection is that freedom of a woman's expression is greater than their ability to worship freely. Many of the comments pretty much downplay the "enlightenment" of women wanting to do this for God/Allah/Yahweh but applaud the right for them wear what they want.

In this instance, both sides have come to the same conclusion though for different cultural obligations. This reminds me of what Josh Patterson wrote on The Village Church Blog today. Quoting from the book "Bobos in Paradise", He additionally writes
[The author David Brooks]says this about American spirituality: “[We] are trying to build a house of obligation on a foundation of choice.” This sentence is provocative. As an American I am inundated with the notion of freedom, democracy and capitalization. These are all great things. One of the consequences of this environment is that I can begin to think that my freedom is paramount. It is not. The “house of obligation” that Brooks’ refers to in his book is the fact that as a believer I am enslaved to Christ. Ht Village Blog
This Burqa flap is a good illustration of this and I do believe this will be the battle for the United States in the future. We are trying to fight between what we are obligated to do and what we are free to do. The problem is we have different obligations and based upon we believe our obligations are, we will choose what we have freedom to choice. Because I have an obligation to my wife, I am I limited in how I choose to interact with other women. Because I am a Pastor, I am limited in what I can do on Sundays.

Today, we are going to fight over our obligations. What is Government's obligation to the poor? Morality? Marriage? What is my obligation to God? Until we can agree on our obligations. We are probably always going to disagree.

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