Monday, June 15, 2009

Ricky Gervais on becoming an Atheist

Interesting Interview. At least he is honest. How would you respond to this?

My thoughts is that there is more under the surface than what he is letting on.

I do think it is curious that animal cruelty is up there with religious zealots. the questions is what in nature would lead us to believe that nature is that kind to one another that we should be kind to one another? How does he know that his Brother was not lying to him?

If atheist would apply the same standard of proof that they require for the Christian faith, would they still look at Atheism so tightly? I find a lot of the non Christians (and Christians for that matter) will only quote/read people that support their opinion. If they quote the other side, it is usually a German poet on history or a dentist on earth science (meaning someone affirming their few from a semi-scholar) and call their opinion facts.

Both sides will rarely engage with the BEST representative each side has to offer. I've been recently listening a lot of debates recently between Richard Dawkins (atheist) and John Lennox (Christian Physics Prof at Oxford Univ). You can google the debates but you can find John Lennox talking about this issue at


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