Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We love Technology (but not as much as you, you see)

Last night my wife and I finally saw Wall-E and we LOVED it. It was really interesting watching the humans in the movie so tuned into technology that they forgot how to interact with each other.

Reality isn't too far away from reality. Twitter is the last straw. I heard Shane Hipps say that the more we use technology, the more our souls become divorced from our bodies. Maybe one day we will be floating batteries living in a dream land (see The Matrix).

Craig Groeshel posted some good guidelines for for keeping this from happening over at his blog today. Here is what he said:
  • No tech interruptions during family time.
  • Take consistent blogging or twittering vacations. (Guest blogs work great.)
  • Fast from email on vacations.
  • No surfing the net in the evenings.

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