Friday, March 13, 2009

Guest Blogger: The Other Dave Ramsey

The first Dave Ramsey I ever was the best man at my wedding. Great Guy, Great Friend and one heck of a funny guy. He posted this on his facebook page. It is too funny not to share it with cyberspace. Here is what he said:

Our shop is such a mess that we occasionally find weird, random items with no idea as to how they arrived. Today while cleaning, we found a 1947 issue of "Child Evangelism News" with bonus flannel-graph images. I have fond memories of flannel-graph-illustrated stories in Sunday School during my youth, but I don't recall any like these.

The rather un-PC figures depict a Native American chief becoming penitent, along with his family (and apparently, his horse), thanks to the proselytizing of a well-dressed, benevolent white man. Not that the message isn't a good one, but we thought it was rather funny. Actually, the white guy looked amazingly similar to the picture of the editor of "Child Evangelism News." I wonder if you can still find these in any Christian book stores.

Some of the Comments from our friends:

"This made me laugh phenomenally.

I especially love the way their clothing is so completely from two different time periods. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Either that or the preacher randomly went to a Native American Tribal Fest or reenactment and converted the actors. But I doubt it."


"At first I couldn't figure out why they were all genuflecting to that preacher. Then I realized: They were just trying to get a better look at what must be the world's largest pair of feet.

Also, I'm amazed that this family saw the need to put a riding blanket on the back of their dog-sized horse. Any one of them would kill the poor little beast if they tried to ride it."


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