Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Adventure on a Greyhound Bus Part 4

I was pretty excited when we rolled into Emporia, Va. I had over heard that my new "friend" crowding me out was getting off at this stop. This would be my last stop before Raleigh which also made me happy. We pulled up to the "stop" (a bunch of cones in a parking lot of a truck stop). Everyone though this was a break so there was a bum rush towards the door to have a Cigarette break. The Bus driver pull the kibosh down on that and the throngs of the nicotine addicts were ready to riot.

It got me thinking: is there anything in my life that would cause me to get this upset if a mean old bus driver wouldn't let me do it? If the answer is yes to any of thing, I have to pause to see if this is a addiction or something that is a master over me. For these people, it was a cigarette. You should have seen the look on these people's faces. It was like we were clubbing sea kittens or something.

I think the whole bus experience helped remind me how cluttered life can be. The Bus help eliminate distractions of media and internet and showed me it was all going to be okay. The world will go on if I don't follow it for a day. I have a problem with info lusting. I am a thinker and learner. That drives me in most days. The bus help detox me. Because this is a self-imposed trip without luxury, it enabled to quiet down my soul and listen a lot. To people. To God. To my brain.

When I finally pulled into Raleigh a half hour late (thanks to construction), I was happy to see my wife, tired from the trip and willing to do it again. I found it a cheap way to travel and to crowd out some of the noise in my life. It forced me to quiet down and look at my urges and how I see the world. It was a unique experience that I hope I have prepared all of you for since I'm sure you don't know anyone who has ever rode the bus.

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