Thursday, January 8, 2009

A couple thing that have been bothering me.

First, I saw this article today that says that Obama wants to delay the switch from Analog to Digital because "the government is not doing enough to help consumers — particularly poor, rural and elderly Americans — prepare for and navigate the transition." I'm sorry. If people don't want to find out the information themselves then what can government do. We have had a Digital converter since the Spring of 2007. There has been THOUSANDS of commercials telling us about the change. If people wanted to wait to the last minute, fine. Let them deal with the consequences of not being proactive. This is one area where I feel the government has done enough; people have not.

Second, I just read an interesting book by Rodney Stark called the Victory of Reason. While there are some style items and analysis I disagree with, it was overall a very thought provoking book. I'll probably put a quote or two up from the book shortly. Based on the book though, I am bothered by this thought: Does capitalism need Christianity?

Last, I am really confused by the character Balaam in the Bible. Numbers depicts him as a good guy but the rest of the Bible says otherwise. What I am I missing

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