Thursday, November 6, 2008

I have a theory. . .

Being a Christian is simple. Follow Jesus. That's it. What we do is simply do what Jesus did. Pray, Read the Bible. Give resources. Reach out to others.

Making money is easy. Save more than you spend.

Being married is easy. Lay down your life for your wife and your marriage.

To quote Homer Simpson: "In Theory communism works. In Theory Marge. In Theory."

Then why are all of these so hard to do? A lot of things look easy on paper with humans. and in theory. But what separates us from animals is our mind. Theories are great for the perfect world but we live in a fallen world. We have a human will that wants to focus solely on ourselves and wishes everyone would serve us. When Jesus came to show us the way, he came to give us hope and truly inspire us (through the Holy Spirit) to live beyond ourselves.

That's why there is something inside of us that yearns for something more than theory to motivate us to change. On paper, the tax policy either John McCain or Barack Obama could be better than the other and help us out of this economic problem. But would that really help? I like what Mark Cuban (owner of the Dallas Maverick and rich dude) said about why he voted Barack Obama (even though he disagrees with Obama's economic policy). He writes:
I have said it before, the power of the American Spirit is what separates our country from every other. We have been able to overcome the stupidity that politicians do every year, and will do for ever more. The election of Barack Obama is a shot of adrenaline for those who felt they could never participate in the American Dream.

How do you stimulate and turn around the economy in this day and age ? Motivate those who in the past couldn’t , wouldn’t or didn’t, into those who can and do. Motivate those who can and do, to continue to innovate and increase productivity.

I couldn't agree more. We need more people motivated. In long run, only the church can bring true change in the lives of people. Policy alone will not cause any one to change (see legalistic churches).

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