Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I guess this is tolerance. . .

I wonder if these protesters are being "tolerant" to this 74 year old.

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I didn't vote in California but if I did I would have voted for prop 8. Why? Because while somethings are unpopular, some things would hurt our county more than help it. While Christians should focus more on making our own marriages healthier, we need to hold the line some where. We need some moral margin some where. The line needs to be drawn some where regarding family and normal sexual behavior.

If you believe that homosexuality is a choice, then accepting the consequences are easy since people are choosing the life they are living. However, if people are born that way, the argument is a little more harry. From a biblical perspective, it is easy to argue from. But how do you argue this from with someone that doesn't believe in the Bible? I've wrestled with this question a lot since I know some homosexual couples even with foster children. How would I stand on my position with using the Bible? It would be difficult because that take all truth is taken away and we have to rely on feeling to tell us what is right.

What scientific support can people give to support same sex marriage as something we should encourage? Scientifically, two people from the same sex cannot have a baby or procreate. Scientifically, via the theory of evolution, they then would cease to exist after this generation because natural selection and chance dooms them for death. How would this be any different than a person born with blindness, deafness, cancer, lame, retarded or the like (other than the fact these people can procreate). I'm sure these people would gladly trade the ability to procreate to live or see if they had to. Some people I guess scientifically are unlucky and can't do certain things.

Legally then, laws are enacted to protect people from being hurt by people who can't and shouldn't these things. Laws keep people who can't see from driving but they can procreate. Laws prevent the physically unable from being in the military but they can procreate. Laws prevent retarded (or the unintelligent) from being Doctors, teachers, and lawyers because they all require certifications to practice such but they can procreate. Homosexual person may be born without the desire to be with the desire to be sexually with the opposite sex thus they cannot procreate. They can do everything else but that one thing.

So why marriage laws then? Marriage laws are in place to ensure that procreation can take place in a safe, productive way so the species can survive (as well as property rights) They protect people so that people aren't taken advantage of. Keep marriage laws one man and one woman draws an easy line to protection that people know. It puts the fight elsewhere. During a war, the fight always takes place on the boarders until the boarders are clear.

Murder is illegal and it is a clear line that people try to stay far away from. The fight is over intent usually not if it happen. When alcohol was illegal, alcoholism went down. With alcohol legal, the new line is when is too much too much and what you can or cannot do with alcohol thus resulting in more With marriage laws right now, we fighting over what is marriage. Once this fight is over and it is clear, then the fight with move on to something else. By making marriage clearly between a man and woman, it makes the boundary clear for everyone and what it is for.

Is it discrimination? Maybe. What about those other things? Will anyone call these things discrimination? Probably not. Seemingly. From a scientific point of view, it is not. Just luck. Heck, Homosexuals/Liberals will use science to disprove God why can't natural selection be used in this case? Are people trying to use it to validate their current state.

Are there holes in my argument? Probably. I'm trying here. At least with Christianity, it offers the promise of giving the blind sight and the deaf hearing. We live in a fallen world so of course babies do not come out of the womb 100% healthy. News flash: nature is not tolerant. Jesus is the only one who truly is. He tolerant enough to not come back until all have a chance to know him. The fact that he puts up with us is unreal. Jesus said some will be born enunchs. Why can't God give these people a chance to be made whole? This may be a bit of a ramble but it was the first time I tried to put this to paper.

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MrsCooper said...

Hi Dan,
This might be the first time you put this subject on paper, but you did a great job.
Keep up the good work.

MrsC. WV