Monday, November 3, 2008

The benefits from unplugging

One of the biggest problems I see today (in my life especially) is being able to unplug from electronic life to actually enjoy life. By constantly taking in T.V., movies and other media, we forget how much what we take in affects us. Last week, Lori and I had a guest over last week that greatly influenced we did all week, mostly me. Since I have a pretty fluid schedule right now, our guest impacted me the most. I'm use to coming home and doing a lot of blog reading, movie watching, Internet time wasting and napping. Fun times!

But with a guest, that changed. Mostly that meant that a lot less T.V. and Internet. A lot more reading time, walking time and quality time with my wife (& God). It was fun playing games and hanging out with less T.V. and less Internet. I was able to reconnect with Church History. I had time to surprise my wife. I was able to have conversations with random people at Starbucks about God. I didn't have the stress of trying to figure out what Person A was doing on Facebook or what I name McCain was calling Obama. I was peaceful. It was nice.

I heard Craig Groeschel say recently in order to change you have to be willing to do something big. It reminded me of college when I got rid of my T.V. to help me focus more on God. It reminded me of the time I got rid of Internet in order to stop sinning. It reminded me that I needed a drastic change in my daily routine and I got it with the guest in town. While I am still looking to God for where my next step is, it doesn't mean that I am waiting to follow God again. I can do it now! It isn't to say that I haven't been following him but I will say I have been distracted. That is why I've been AWOL on Facebook and blogging. That's why I trimmed back my podcasts and blogs substantially. I'm trying to hear from God and I had put way too much noise around me to listen.

Thanks be to God. Creator of All and lover of my soul.

As an aside, I saw this article on that shows why it is important to disconnect from T.V. and at the very least, think about what we watch. The highlights:
  • Experts: Parents should discuss sexual content on TV with kids
  • Previous study showed sex on TV linked to initiation of sexual intercourse in teens
  • TV shows rarely portray negative consequences of sex

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