Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Office. . .

So I got to watch The Office tonight and I was disappointed for two reasons.

One, it just wasn't funny. I miss the Pam-Jim against Dwight bits. BRING PAM BACK! It just isn't the same without the flirting and pranks that makes office life better. Plus, I miss Toby. Although I really enjoy Andy and his constant dropping of his Ivy League Education from Cornell (one of the lower tier Ivy League Schools) and his ineptitude while there (like taking Psych 101 twice), he just can't carry the show. As an aside, I didn't know ABBA sung "Take a Chance on Me" until I saw Momma Mia! with Lori (I don't recommend it). That makes this scene even funnier.

Secondly, the ethics point they were making was extremely sad. I don't want to ruin for those that have not seen it (go to Hulu to watch it if you would like). It was just sad the end result and the brazen forgetfulness of what is right and what is wrong in a corporate culture. This partly the reason we are in the financial problem we are in because companies put profit over treating customers with dignity with the long term in mind.

I was reading Seth Godin's book The Dip and something that stuck out to me was that most salesmen give up after five interactions while it usually takes seven to close a deal. His point is that interactions over a long period is the best way to grow something.

I wish I would focus on the long term more.

By the way, I got two more calls from the McCain campaign today (as well as two polls: one asking about my local news preference and the other my political choice right now). I wish people would stop calling me and getting my hopes up that some one is calling for a phone interview.

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