Saturday, October 11, 2008

I would not want to be President

I look at the 24/7 campaigning and "job" stuff and think that this is crazy. For two years, Obama and McCain have been working non-stop for a job that will asked them to be "on-the-clock" 24/7. No wonder why Bush has done a bad job. Dude haven't had Sabbath for some ten years! That's nuts! I've also heard interviews with Michelle Obama and Cindy McCain about their need to get away after the election. I have to wonder what the long-term consequences of all of this on families, job performance and personal health.

I then saw this article on talking about the health of presidents. The article says:

Early in his administration, Clinton worked too hard and his decision making suffered as a result, according to [Clinton press secretary Joe] Lockhart.

"The first term, particularly the first couple of years, the president kind of set his own schedule and he worked from very early in the morning until very late at night. And he wore himself out, and I would argue, his decision-making ability was not nearly as good as it was in his second term," Lockhart says.

No matter how the president chooses to unwind, the enormous burdens of the job are never far away.

"Even in moments when you're physically trying to relax in whatever outlet you have, you have a member of the military within 15 feet with nuclear codes," Lockhart said. "That kind of takes the fun out of whatever sport you're into."

This work and family and rest balance is the hardest thing for a pastor/congressman to due since life and death is all around us.

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