Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Books, Books, and more books

Since I'm currently in the process of hearing from God as to my next step, I've been taking the opportunity to catch up on some reading in an attempt to improve myself and become a better leader. I know leadership is forged by doing. Now that I have a moment to look at how I lead for during my last ministry, I'm beginning to learn a lot of myself. Here are a list of books and the big thing that I need to work on.

Five Temptations of a CEO by Patrick Lencioni

Good Book with some very helpful insight. Particularity, what accountability actually means. I do want to be a people pleaser too much to ask people hard questions. I also value harmony too much with the people under me nor am I clear enough to for others to understand where I am taking them. my wife is quick to remind me that one when I expect her to do something that I only thought about and specifically told her.

Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni

I guess I never realized how much responsibility a leader had to build a team and how often chemistry affects performance. I also realized that I need to do my part in creating the team environment not just as a subordinate but as a leader. I must do my part to break down barriers of trust and cannot fear conflict like I sometimes do. (Granted, the times I have conflicted I haven't done it in a humble and respectful way thus maybe why I feared conflict or people fear conflicting with me).

Three Signs of a Miserable Job by Patrick Lencioni

Probably the best of the bunch. I realized I slack I was in measuring myself daily to see whether or not I was making a difference. Also, I need to better a job of helping people see that same thing. I'm seeing it now because I'm not doing any thing that is "making a difference" except blogging (maybe). I realize (as a christian) I never really have been miserable as a worker because I've usually been pretty good at making things purposeful (but it was of no thanks to my bosses).

Flipping the Switch by John Miller

I can only control myself and myself alone. I should learn to ask only questions that begin with "How" and "What" using only "I" (not we, me, or you). As I mentioned in a previous post, it has opened my eyes in a big way to the way I ask questions.

I think that is it for now. I have others that I am reading but for now. I am being stretch

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