Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Bill Maher. . .

So I saw Bill Maher talking about his new movie and I feel sincere sadness for the dude. He makes some interesting points that I agree with but overall he is certain of one thing: His Mind. If he can't perceive it, than it cannot be true. He claims that he was approaching this upon the idea that no one can be certain about God (except he is certain all religions are stupid). He is right though that most don't really know what they believe and I am curious to see what he has to says in his meeting. See the interview below (two parts).

While his movie may not be hateful in nature, this interview sure was. I can't help but think how that would could his opinions when approaching religion. He does not sound like his mind is open to anything he cannot understand because he lives in an "enlightened" 2008. Intellectual snobbery. Plus, why does he interview average people? I would like to see him interview Tim Keller (see below) or see Martin Bashir from ABC interview him here. Both would be far more advantageous than seeing Relegulous.

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Jeff said...

The reason he interviewed regular people instead of theologians was stated in the interview - he said most people have no idea what their religion says and no idea what their religion believes. Personally, I've found this to be reasonably true. I don't know how many times I've heard Christians say they've never read the Bible.

Personally, the part that made me roll my eyes was Maher saying that we want to live in a progressive European society. Who exactly was he talking about? just him?