Wednesday, October 29, 2008

There are Dumb Husbands and then there is this guy. . .

This guy has to be the dumbest husband ever. You don't mess with Momma and you don't mess with Momma's Baby (even for an election).

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

One thing Title IX can't do anything about.

I found an interesting thought on ESPN.

Gregg Easterbrook writes:
Lately there has been attention to the uneasy fact that high school girls are more likely to sustain sports injuries than high school boys,
especially torn knees. The female body structure can't take as much knee stress
as the male, and it is harder for girls than for boys to build muscle mass --
increasing the muscle around a joint takes pressure off the joint. High school
girls' soccer and basketball may carry a higher risk of knee injury than prep
football. It's not clear if there is a solution to this problem, though this new
led by medical researcher Julie Gilchrist of the Centers for Disease
Control suggests girls and women can reduce knee injuries from athletics by
using flexibility exercises.

I just had to think that I guess men and women at equal in everything. That doesn't mean they are inferior, just different. I would rather see woman's gymnatics than men's. There is just something about the flexbility and the grace that the men's just don't have.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Three surprises

First, American League Champion - Tampa Bay Rays! I never thought I would see the day. Maybe there is hope for my Detroit Lions (who can't beat anyone - even if the former QB "gave" the ins and outs of the offense to them).

Second, since the fist economic stimulus package worked SO well, let's try another one! When are we going to learn that keep fixes don't work.

Third, what can brown do for you? That's right, I'm working part time for UPS right now as a dock worker by RDU in order to make a couple bucks while waiting to see what God has for us next.. I hope I don't end up like this!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Two of the best years of my life

Two Years Ago Today - Lori Michelle made me a very happy man.

Today - A lucky man whose wife took him to see the Red Wings cream the Hurricanes 3-1 at the RBC Center in Raleigh.


Saturday, October 11, 2008


13-10 Toledo over Michigan at the Big House. Where are you at now Michigan. . .

I would not want to be President

I look at the 24/7 campaigning and "job" stuff and think that this is crazy. For two years, Obama and McCain have been working non-stop for a job that will asked them to be "on-the-clock" 24/7. No wonder why Bush has done a bad job. Dude haven't had Sabbath for some ten years! That's nuts! I've also heard interviews with Michelle Obama and Cindy McCain about their need to get away after the election. I have to wonder what the long-term consequences of all of this on families, job performance and personal health.

I then saw this article on talking about the health of presidents. The article says:

Early in his administration, Clinton worked too hard and his decision making suffered as a result, according to [Clinton press secretary Joe] Lockhart.

"The first term, particularly the first couple of years, the president kind of set his own schedule and he worked from very early in the morning until very late at night. And he wore himself out, and I would argue, his decision-making ability was not nearly as good as it was in his second term," Lockhart says.

No matter how the president chooses to unwind, the enormous burdens of the job are never far away.

"Even in moments when you're physically trying to relax in whatever outlet you have, you have a member of the military within 15 feet with nuclear codes," Lockhart said. "That kind of takes the fun out of whatever sport you're into."

This work and family and rest balance is the hardest thing for a pastor/congressman to due since life and death is all around us.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Office. . .

So I got to watch The Office tonight and I was disappointed for two reasons.

One, it just wasn't funny. I miss the Pam-Jim against Dwight bits. BRING PAM BACK! It just isn't the same without the flirting and pranks that makes office life better. Plus, I miss Toby. Although I really enjoy Andy and his constant dropping of his Ivy League Education from Cornell (one of the lower tier Ivy League Schools) and his ineptitude while there (like taking Psych 101 twice), he just can't carry the show. As an aside, I didn't know ABBA sung "Take a Chance on Me" until I saw Momma Mia! with Lori (I don't recommend it). That makes this scene even funnier.

Secondly, the ethics point they were making was extremely sad. I don't want to ruin for those that have not seen it (go to Hulu to watch it if you would like). It was just sad the end result and the brazen forgetfulness of what is right and what is wrong in a corporate culture. This partly the reason we are in the financial problem we are in because companies put profit over treating customers with dignity with the long term in mind.

I was reading Seth Godin's book The Dip and something that stuck out to me was that most salesmen give up after five interactions while it usually takes seven to close a deal. His point is that interactions over a long period is the best way to grow something.

I wish I would focus on the long term more.

By the way, I got two more calls from the McCain campaign today (as well as two polls: one asking about my local news preference and the other my political choice right now). I wish people would stop calling me and getting my hopes up that some one is calling for a phone interview.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Telemarketing. . .

Over the last week, I have gotten SIX phone calls from the John McCain's auto-dialer to tell me to vote. I'm undecided but with the amount of annoying phone calls I'm getting, John McCain might just be annoying me into voting for Obama (since I have gotten Zero calls from him).

(Of course I'm joking. I'm not going to decide who I'm voting for based alone on which candidate annoys me less)

It does show though the different in campaigns. Obama=New Media. McCain=Old Media.

Last night's debate was interesting. The Winner: Tom Brokaw for the number of times he reminded the candidates who was in charge last night. I wish the candidates would actually straight talk and not simply deliver their stump speeches/talking points every second. Plus, there really wasn't anything different from the first debate. Discouraging. . .

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Books, Books, and more books

Since I'm currently in the process of hearing from God as to my next step, I've been taking the opportunity to catch up on some reading in an attempt to improve myself and become a better leader. I know leadership is forged by doing. Now that I have a moment to look at how I lead for during my last ministry, I'm beginning to learn a lot of myself. Here are a list of books and the big thing that I need to work on.

Five Temptations of a CEO by Patrick Lencioni

Good Book with some very helpful insight. Particularity, what accountability actually means. I do want to be a people pleaser too much to ask people hard questions. I also value harmony too much with the people under me nor am I clear enough to for others to understand where I am taking them. my wife is quick to remind me that one when I expect her to do something that I only thought about and specifically told her.

Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni

I guess I never realized how much responsibility a leader had to build a team and how often chemistry affects performance. I also realized that I need to do my part in creating the team environment not just as a subordinate but as a leader. I must do my part to break down barriers of trust and cannot fear conflict like I sometimes do. (Granted, the times I have conflicted I haven't done it in a humble and respectful way thus maybe why I feared conflict or people fear conflicting with me).

Three Signs of a Miserable Job by Patrick Lencioni

Probably the best of the bunch. I realized I slack I was in measuring myself daily to see whether or not I was making a difference. Also, I need to better a job of helping people see that same thing. I'm seeing it now because I'm not doing any thing that is "making a difference" except blogging (maybe). I realize (as a christian) I never really have been miserable as a worker because I've usually been pretty good at making things purposeful (but it was of no thanks to my bosses).

Flipping the Switch by John Miller

I can only control myself and myself alone. I should learn to ask only questions that begin with "How" and "What" using only "I" (not we, me, or you). As I mentioned in a previous post, it has opened my eyes in a big way to the way I ask questions.

I think that is it for now. I have others that I am reading but for now. I am being stretch

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Myth vs. Fact

Myth: People can't get loans right now

Fact: People that shouldn't be borrowing money in the first place can't get a loan right now (i.e. sub-prime mortgage).

I've been doing a lot of reading lately and one of the books was talking about personal accountability. He was making a pretty strong case saying people should only ask questions beginning with What and How (instead of who, why and when) using only the "I" pronoun (since only "I" can influence what I do).

For example,
Stupid questions: Why is the Federal Government not doing fixing the problem for us? Who is responsible for this mess? When is help coming for us?
Good questions: How can I make my household get through this bad economy? What can I do to help my current situation? What changes can I make to ease the problems in this country?

Am I living in Polyanna? Maybe. But just imagine a world where all of us took responsibility for our own actions and would we have gotten into this mess in the first place? Maybe it just might be a good thing that people can't loans because people's portfolios aren't liquid enough to cover debt right now and this is forcing us (the people with a NEGATIVE savings rate) to save and say no for a change.

Bill Maher. . .

So I saw Bill Maher talking about his new movie and I feel sincere sadness for the dude. He makes some interesting points that I agree with but overall he is certain of one thing: His Mind. If he can't perceive it, than it cannot be true. He claims that he was approaching this upon the idea that no one can be certain about God (except he is certain all religions are stupid). He is right though that most don't really know what they believe and I am curious to see what he has to says in his meeting. See the interview below (two parts).

While his movie may not be hateful in nature, this interview sure was. I can't help but think how that would could his opinions when approaching religion. He does not sound like his mind is open to anything he cannot understand because he lives in an "enlightened" 2008. Intellectual snobbery. Plus, why does he interview average people? I would like to see him interview Tim Keller (see below) or see Martin Bashir from ABC interview him here. Both would be far more advantageous than seeing Relegulous.