Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Palin and the issue of women in the Church

This is one issue that I have been on both sides of the issue. I do find it interesting how evangelicals are going Koo-Koo for Palin being on the ticket even when she cannot preach in these same churches. Here is a debate on this issue between Dr. Voddie Bauchman (very smart dude and has spoken at Northpoint in Atlanta) and Margret Feinberg (author and has spoken at Mars Hill in Grand Rapids).

(HT to Life on Life Begins really at 1:00)

I do believe there are better people out there who can speak on the "women in leadership" issue than Feinberg (like NT Wright). She was speaking more from feeling than scripture (which Voddie called her out on). Because two parents have to work, doesn't make it right. Many times it is because of poor financial decisions that lead to two parents having to work. My wife and I (many like us) are the biproduct of two working parents and wished we could have had our moms home more (and Dad for that matter).

I can't imagine Obama having good family time right now with his daughters while being on the campaign trail for almost two years straight. Politics is such a demanding career that it would be hard for anyone to maintain the attention needed to raise children.

I agree with Voddie that a person's political belief is an outpouring of our religious beliefs. The problem is what happens when a certain political party contradicts what we believe biblically? Where do we draw the line?

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JoeWimberley said...

Dan, Great post. Thanks for putting up the Voddie Baucham link, I think he got the best of her in this one. Looking forward to the rematch.

Lots of stuff to wrestle with, for sure.

I think he said it best when he said that his job is not to translate the gospel under the filter of societal relevancy, he is a 'herald of the truth'.

Amen to that. May we all be heralds of the truth!