Tuesday, September 23, 2008

One up, One Down, One Weird interaction

The last 24 hours has been interesting. First, the best news. Lori and I were walking around Cameron Village walked into the Fresh Market and found out they carried Tony Packo's Pickles and Peppers, only the greatest thing to come out of Toledo EVER and by far my Favorite Restaurant of all time. I miss this more that Skyline (which we couldn't find).

The down side was I got my first flat tire on my bike and I had to get it fixed. :-(

On the way to the bike repair place today (over by NC State) , I was walking to the closest Wolfline stop (since it is free and save me a walk) and a woman stop me asking for directions to the Bus Stop. I said follow me I'm going there now. On the way, we were talking and I found out she was a pole dancer. When I found that out, my bus arrived so I didn't get to talk to her more. I guess you never know the people you come across on a daily basis.

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