Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Has your child walked away from Jesus?

If so, you are in good company with many. I recently saw this post by Steve Wright, student minister at Providence Baptist Church here in Raleigh. He writes the following:

Recently I sent an article to the parents in our ministry. I had an overwhelming response as many parents were encouraged and given hope. Just the thought that John Piper had a child that rebelled lifted a ton of guilt for many of our parents.

I often share with parents I meet with that God placed Adam and Eve in an incredibly “safe” environment. The problem they faced was more of a matter of the heart than it was external influences.

We are also encouraged with great news concerning a prodigal in Luke 15. An often overlooked detail of this story was that when the son demanded “his portion” of his inheritance that his father “wrote the check”. Even though he knew his son would more than likely blow it all (which he did) it would be worth it if his son found Christ.

Here is an encouraging article if you have a prodigal.
If it can happen to John Piper, it can happen to any one. Everything rests with God. Everyone stands on their own. A Christian's job is to point to Christ and not save people.

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