Thursday, June 26, 2008

This is why I don't pulbically comment on Politics. . .

(HT to Mark Riddle)

I'm not saying that Christians shouldn't speak about political issues but it is hard to justify either party in the eyes of the Bible. Granted, Jon Stewart is taking things out of context (in regards to the Levi slam) and goes on a tangent to the issue. Does Dobson say anything about Obama misusing Levi? Not by the sounds clips they present. So it is a fair attack? No. It might be implied but it is a little too much reading between the lines.

Plus, what Obama said about religion and politics at the end was very similar to what Huckabee said and is a good argument against the removal of religion from the secular landscape. Tim Keller uses this same argument in similar words. He says it is impossible to separate world view from political policy making. His example is divorce laws. Think about how world view concerning marriage would influence how people agree on this issue alone. Just a thought.

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