Monday, June 30, 2008

There is one thing I'm a sucker for. . .

I've always loved acoustic versions of pop songs. For example, Maroon 5's "She will be loved": Okay. But the same song acoustic: awesome! MTV Unplugged is to thank for that in the 90's. Some of my favorite Acoustic remakes are the following:
  • Drive by Incubus
  • Walking in Memphis by Marc Cohn
  • About a Girl by Nirvana
  • Big Empty by Stone Temple Pilots
  • Like a Hurricane by Neil Young
  • 3 am by Matchbox 20
  • My Own Prison by Creed

I found this new group on Youtube who does a lot of current acoustic covers of pop music and I'm LOVIN' IT! They're called Bryce Avenue. Here is their cover of Viva la Vida from Coldplay. It is really good! Enjoy

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