Thursday, June 12, 2008

Seth Godin is killing it. . .

Seth Godin is making me laugh and think at the same time recently.

First, he talks about the marketing of fear (which the church is good at doing). All I know, after reading it and watching the attach video, I need to buy robot insurance. Mort importantly, I have to ask the question how much do I play off peoples' fears when I talk about Jesus?

Second, while I would take it a step further, here is a pretty important marketing guy talking about the importance of staying out of debt.

Third, the e-mail checklist. I need to follow it more but it did confirm some things that I was already doing in a good way.

Fourth, he talk about the pomp and circumstance at a grand opening and how it means nothing. I was struck by this quote and how it might apply to Youth Ministry:
Non-profits do the same thing when they spend months planning an elaborate gala that takes all the time and enriches the hotel and the caterer. Far better to spend the time and money building actual relationships than going for the big 'grand' hit.
This might be the start of a man crush. That title has been only reserved for a few people. The Dan Staifer Man Crush hall of fame is Will Kirby, Mark Driscoll, Steve Carrell, Dave Ramsey (both of them) and Randy Bicnaver.

Hooray for man crushes. . .

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