Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The New Additions at the Staifer Home

This has been my new ride as of late. The mountain bike! It has actually saved us some money. It is getting hard with the heat but I haven't filled my Buick's tank in a month (and I still have over half a tank). With it, I've noticed I'm less hurried to get to places because of it (and I'm getting more fit).

For my birthday, I got two new musical devices. The one on the left is Alice, my new electric-plug in Alavez acoustic guitar bought for me on behalf of the Teens of C4 and Lori. It blew my mind. The one on the right is the Fender Strat used for the PS2 game "Rock Band" (thanks Dad). Lori has been singing and I have been playing either lead guitar, bass, or drums. Quite enjoyable.

Last but not least, our new pet, the guinea pig. His name is Gilbert. Lori has been loving on him for the last week. She thinks he looks like a pirate.

There you have it. The new things around the Staifer house.


Chris said...

Nice! Quite a birthday haul. You planning on taking real guitar lessons, or just transfer over what you learn from Rock Band? ;-)

Don't know how much time we'll have, but I could bring my mtn bike down and we can hit some trails while we're in town if you want.

Dan said...
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