Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Great Flood of 2008

So we had a pipe bust at C4 . It affected our kids space and my office.

Here is my office with everything put on or next to my desk (the only dry spot).

Here is our hallway. See all of the stuff in the hall (including the carpet from. . . )

. . . our nursery (aka the Duck Pond). See the paint that started peeling off the wall as we removed the carpet.

The Noah's Ark unfortunately was not safe from the waters of the flood (since it was right next to the bathroom that flooded). You would think with that name it would have been safe.

Here is the Clubhouse (aka the one dry place yesterday big enough to store everything)

Here is the Greenhouse that came away in good shape apart from the small water damage in the corner.

All in all, pretty crazy day. The weekend was really good and yesterday was hard. Top this with the Wings losing in 3 OT and 30 seconds from a victory, yesterday was awful.

Seeing Lori was the only highlight.

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Gman said...

But the Wings winning the Cup later must of cheered you up!