Tuesday, May 20, 2008

No Country for Old Men and Nothing for a Car Thief

Two things.

I think Old Country for Old Men is one of the most Biblical Movies of the year in showing what happens when Men are left to their on devices with a Justice giving "king". For more on that, go to Cinemagogue to hear his description of the film and theology. Below is the Best Scene in the movie to jog your memory.

Also, I got my car busted into on the church grounds on Sunday night. I think I forgot to lock it. When I went over to it yesterday, the driver side door was ajar and my glove box was opened. When I looked to see what booty they plundered, the list was probably 9 black ink pens and the my car tape adapter. Pictured below. The funny thing is they didn't take the Bible in the backseat. At least, they had some ethics. Enjoy the pens and the tape adapter!

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