Thursday, May 1, 2008

A couple of interesting Posts recently

First, I'm Dan and I'm a PC guy. I've always thought Apple people get a little cultish in they way they talk. Good to see cool guy Dan Kimball is a PC Guy too and wrote a good summation of why (which I totally agree with). He sums it up like this

So for those who still use PC's - you are not crazy and you are not alone. Perhaps PC users are the new emerging rebels. Don't be fooled into the pressure and propaganda that you cannot be cool if you do not have a Mac. Coolness, innovation and creativity come from within, not from the type of computer you have. So do not be embarrassed if you use a PC. When you are in a coffeehouse, proudly and boldly open your laptop screen and do not be ashamed you don't have a logo image of a fruit on it. Be strong and courageous. Do not cave in to the taunting and pressure those around you may give you. We can stand strong as non-conforming PC users - together.

Read the whole thing here.

Second is an interesting article on the decline of Sunday School at some bigger churches. Read it at MMI. I know one on the list Temple Baptist/NorthRidge no longer does it. Thoughts?

Edit: One more from Perry about how Girls can be chased. There is nothing more unattractive than a passive man being pursued by a girl. Men lead. Men pursue. Jesus (the bridegroom) pursued us (the bride).

Ladies, if you pursue a guy, you will be like his mother. She is only the other woman in his life that will pursue him (usually with band-aid and napkin in hand) and has the right to when he is a boy. He might like as a "man" because he doesn't have to grow up. You however won't like in the long run. See this from CNN about wives"mothering" husbands too much. Best Quote:
Bottom line, Schwartz says: A normal amount of nurturing is fine, but to keep a relationship healthy, show your affection in a respectful way (italics added). After all, one thing is certain, she says: "He doesn't want to be married to his mother."
We have too many momma boys running around that don't want to rock the boat and cowboy up. If he can't be man enough to ask you out, then he is not worth your time.


Chris said...

I suck at pursuing...GRRR! Wish I wasn't so passive by nature.

Eddie said...

You're just jealous you're not a fruit!