Monday, April 7, 2008

Pregnant "Man"

Yeah, I thought that was an oxymoron. See below.

He is legally a male but biologically he is a female. He went through a "sex change" but yet can still get pregnant so did it really change his sex? If someone can get pregnant, that person is a female. It doesn't matter what the outside looks like. There are only somethings that a surgery can change. A surgery can't give you a "Y" chromosome. A surgery can't turn testes in ovaries. He admits it.

On the Oprah show, he and Oprah agreed that having children is not a male thing or a female thing but a "human" thing. If we could reproduce asexually, I could agree but there is a reason why it takes two to make a baby. God knows what He was doing when he made it that way.

"Different is normal and love makes a family." He says and I agree but normal doesn't make it the best and only certain types of love makes a family. A lot of men "love" their families enough to work 60 hours a week but not enough to spend time with them. A lot of women "love" men in their lives only enough to make them a mom. "Love" can also be enabling a family member that is living destructive behavior. There is a lot that goes into love that many of us forget.

Even during the Oprah interview, I could see a little jealousy in the wife's eyes as they talk about the roles are going to stay the same. I'm waiting to see because there is nothing like the bond of a birth mother for her kid. Even during the interview, I can still see why God has two sexes. He was talking about not being able to protect his family because the maternal instinct

Morals aside (I don't want to comment on the issue of GLBT couples having kids since that is a bigger issue), he is not a pregnant man. He is a transgendered woman having a baby with his legally married spouse. Call it what it is.

Clothes don't make a man. Appearance doesn't make a man. Acting like a man doesn't either. Neither does having a "Y" chromosome since I know plenty of straight males that aren't men. Sexually is defined by reproductive, relational and cultural factors (not just one of them). They are intertwined. They cannot be separated. Though the GLBT community wants to separate them from each other (in some ways so does the church), they can't no matter how hard you try.

It is what it is. While I have opinions on their situations, I can't blame them for wanting to enlarge their family. It is a God-given desire (though it is a little like Abram and Hagar). I just hate the way it is being publicized and mentioned. While he lives like a man, he was born a woman. When someone born a man has a baby (i.e. the Govenator in the movie Junior), then write about it. This is not a big deal. A person born XX with a uterus is having a baby. That's all it is. Thousands are everyday (except probably not legally a man).

I wish them the best in their situation and his 15 minutes should be up shortly.