Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Few Random thoughts

Between watching American Idol Results and Democratic debates, I choose to watch Quantum Leap reruns.

Also, this week I watch the last of the five best pictures nominees for this year's Oscars. Here is my two month late ranking now that all of them are on DVD in this order.

The worst of the five was Atonement. I agree with the critics that said that things really changed when the movie went to war. I love war scenes and it made me read up on Dunkirk but it wasn't very clear story telling.

There will be Blood will be next. Daniel Day Lewis was awesome but the ending was a little weak.
Juno is next but it would be the only one of the bunch I would watch over and over again. Humor was great and very original. It was honest with th e problem but I've blogged on Juno before.

While No Country for Old Men won, it was great and very bleak portrayal of evil running a muck. The acting was outstanding but it trying to glorifying violence a bit too much. The ending was a little confusing.

My favorite was Michael Clayton. I love George Clooney and the the major premise deals with integrity. It is an issue that is not dealt with much but you can see Tom Wilkinson battle with doing what was right and doing his job. It gripped me for the entire movie. It really makes you think about the delicate balance that we all face.

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