Thursday, April 3, 2008


I'm loving that baseball season has started up. I'm an avid fantasy baseball player and this is the first year in a while that I'm in two leagues (a head to head and a roto league) with two different groups of friends from college, though only one other is in both leagues (yeah, Sam Mick!). I've enjoyed getting up in the morning and checking out stats (though my beloved Tigers have been stinking up Comerica Park). Even the Reds are looking good right now.

I really miss though having a major league team less than an hour away. In Toledo, I could go to a Tigers game in less than an hour. In Cincinnati, I could go to Reds game whenever I wanted. Heck, it was my first date with my wife. Here in Raleigh, the closest major league cities are Washington D.C. and Atlanta. A friend and I here are already trying to get up to Nationals Park for a game but they don't any weekday day games except one in April that is too close to plan a day trip for. So if we go, it would be an overnight thing.

At least there are two minor league teams in this area (One AAA and one AA). I think I'm going to a Bulls game when the in-laws visit so that will be fun. At some point, I'll go to a Mudcat game since I love baseball. Funny though both teams are linked to the two Florida baseball teams so I know there are a lot prospects playing on these teams because the major league teams like prospects a lot more than talented major league players. Here's to saving a buck!

Just to put you in the mood:

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