Thursday, April 17, 2008

10 Signs It's Time to Confront.

I saw this this post today. It reminded me about what I talked about on Sunday morning C4 (you can download it here) and it is a good practical summary when to "judge".

1. It’s time to confront when things aren’t working out even after you’ve given them sufficient time to do so.

2. When you’re avoiding each other.

3. When your silence is more about fear than the truth.

4. When allowing the contact to go on is hurting the other person.

5. When the contact is hurting other people.

6. When you see there is still time to redeem the relationship, the job, the person, or the potential future.

7. When you’re responsible for the health and well-being of the people involved in the situation. You have the power to do something, therefore you have the obligation.

8. When you’re able to separate the behavior from the person. You love the person always, even though you can’t support the behavior.

9. When your integrity and reputation as a friend, manager, leader, or business owner is on the line, it’s time to confront.

10. When you understand that sometimes love must be tough if it’s truly love. Love that is based on a lie is indulgence. Love that is based on truth and applied with mercy and grace is truly a gift from God. (HT to MMI)

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Chris said...

Ouch, that hit home. Just when I try to forget about something that I thought I felt God leading me to do...He gives me a list. He knows how my works...tough to avoid this.

And thanks so much for your thoughts on the other matter that Lori spoke to you about. It's a tough situation for me, but those were the words I needed to be reminded of. I really appreciate it.