Monday, March 17, 2008

My NCAA Thoughts

The NCAA tournament bracket is out and now the fun can start. While I did not get to see live what the selection committee decided were the best 65 teams in the country, I liked the fact I could actually look at the bracket with my own eyes before listening/reading any experts analyze it. Here are some of my initial thoughts.

The Lucky Ones:

North Carolina - If the Tar Heels do not advance to the Final Four with their talent and their home cooking, it would be shocking. Playing in Raleigh and Charlotte is definitely an advantage.

UCLA - The Bruins are in the easiest bracket. While Duke is the two seed, they have been under achieving for the last half of their ACC schedule. UConn is in the same boat. The hottest team in that bracket is Georgia (which by the way is the craziest story of the weekend).

Kansas State - One of the few 11 seeds with a home game. They are playing USC in Nebraska. I wonder who will have more fans at the game? The same could be said for Davidson and South Alabama, teams playing their first round “road” game in their home state.

Baylor - I’m surprised they made it into the Tourney. Eric did a good job explaining their case as for the sympathy votes but they played horribly down the stretch.

The Shafted Ones:

Kansas - The Jayhawks are in the hardest bracket. Clemson is playing well. Wisconsin and Georgetown are really solid teams. Vandy has had some big wins this year. Gonzaga, Kent State, and Davidson are some of the better mid-majors in the tourney. Not to mention, Kansas State and ‘Nova are solid 11 and 12 seeds. Plus, their regional is in Detroit, the farthest regional site compared to where the other one seeds have to travel . Good Luck Kansas!

Indiana - With Sampsongate, I understand the reasons they dropped to an 8 seed. They will be playing a tough Arkansas team. If they win, UNC will be waiting for them in Raleigh. This team is too talented to not playing in the Sweet Sixteen but it looks like they won’t make it out of Raleigh.

Virginia Tech - How Miami got in over the Hookies is beyond me. I know Miami had a better overall record but VT took UNC to the buzzer and beat the Hurricanes up over the weekend. Plus, VT had a better conference record. Just my opinion. . .

My final four: Georgetown, UNC, UCLA, and Stanford with the Tar Heels beating the Bruins for the National Championship.

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