Thursday, March 20, 2008

I've heard a lot of reasons not to marry but. . .

I was watching Extra (when you don't have cable it is either that, Dr. Phil or Judge Joe Brown) and I saw an interview of Jenny McCarthy. The former playboy playmate who is dating movie star Jim Carrey was taking about their reasons for not "walking down the aisle" in marriage. She said jokingly that they were saving a tree and helping the environment by not getting the piece of paper. It was another "we're married in our hearts" excuse for not getting married.

I have to ask, "If it is permanent and you plan on going all the way to death, why not do all that you can to be united in all things including legally?" For example, Wachovia Bank and First Union bank merged not too long ago to become one entity. If they decided to operate under two different org charts and continued to operate as two, would that really work? No, it would leave the door open for one to leave if something would happen. There is nothing wrong with a partnership but two don't become one in that set-up. First Union branches became Wachovia branches and operations merged in the eyes of the corporate world, in their own eyes, and in the eyes of the law. They did everything they could to combine the two permanently and make sure two companies became one.

"But relationships are different!" Yes they are. No one (that's sane) would say that organizing a business merger is a bigger deal than the "love" two people have for each other. While a company is only dealing with money and product production, many in the "married in our heart" relationship will argue that it is easier and it saves money. If it is good enough for a company to go all the way legally, why not for a couple?

When I met Lori, I wanted to do everything I could to show people I wanted to be with Lori forever. Why not tell the Federal Government? If you don't want the "piece of paper", I'm sure the Government can give you a .pdf. . .

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