Saturday, February 9, 2008

Theological Police

Last Friday night, I was privileged to meet up with my sister for dinner. Now, I haven't seen her since the summer so it was nice to catch up with her. We were enjoying ourselves when all of the sudden this guy at the table next to us asked if I was a pastor. I said yes and he proceeded to ask me the following question: "What do you think of dispensationalism?" Seeing that I am theologically trained, I presumed that he wanted to get me to believe the Gospel according to dispensationalism so I tried to state what I believe while being polite. I tried saying that "Well, we both believe Jesus is the Lord of our lives and the rest of it doesn't really matter."

The problem is the dude kept asking me questions. I could tell he just wanted me to hear his side. It was frustrating because I couldn't end the conversation. Dude was off-the-chain in pushiness and in the middle of the restaurant. I pray that our in-house conversation did not further the stereotypes another eaves-dropper might have.

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