Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Father of Christian Rock. . .

Larry Norman died yesterday. While I didn't grow up in the church, my first exposure to Christian Music was at a sixth grade over night at my former wrestling coach's house. We watch some movie on being left behind set to the tune of Larry Norman's "If we'd all been ready." Of course, I didn't know it then but I made fun of the dude since the music was lame. Up until today, I still thought as much because it wasn't contemporary enough.

After reading a small biography of him here, I need to repent. One of my big sins that I commit over and over is the sin of immaturity. I act and think like I know better then anyone in the past. The sin of pride is huge and it makes me get angry for no reason. God, I repent for know it all.

Here is a youtube clip of Larry Norman. It is a cool little song that though the music may not be the lyrics are still relevant.

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