Monday, January 14, 2008

Weird sports weekend. . .

First of all, I hope the bad Golden Globe show last night forces the studios and the writers to settle their strike.

Second of all, I bet the NFL is smiling right now that at least the Giants (the #1 team in the #1 TV market) and the Packers (probably one of the most rabid fan bases - they own their own team for crying out loud and the Best QB in the league over the last 20 years) will be in the Super Bowl this year against the Patriots. Though I think San Diego's D can hang with NE's offense, I just think the Chargers are too banged up to put points on the board. LT going down was big (even though he might come back). My prediction: New England/Green Bay Super bowl rematch from 1997 when Farve took out Bledsoe. If not simply to see this,

Third, what happened to NC State this weekend against UNC? BTW, what happened to Michigan State, Washington State, Vandy, and Texas this weekend? It was also nice to see Cincy start to climb back with wins over Nova and Louisville.

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