Thursday, January 10, 2008

There have been some really good articles this week. . .

Recently, I heard that a blog was originally used to log all the places a web surfer has visited over the last day. Well, here comes a lot of links covering a variety of issues.

  • This sounds like common sense but child materialism linked to self-esteem.
  • Seth Godin brings up two good posts in two days. One covered "Dumbing Down" a message and the other about non-profit giving. Keep in mind, this is a marketing guy and not a Christian. I agree 100% with him and I think it applies to the church.
  • Apparently the Young Life leadership of RDU has problems with YL's stance of the methods used to advance the Gospel. Mark at YS has a good collection of stuff on the issue.
  • Last week on my date night with Lori, we saw Juno. I had some problems with it but overall very enjoyable and dealt. I like generally what BWIII and Dr. Nancy Brown said about it (though you might find them somewhat contradictory and keep in mind I don't agree 100% with either one).
  • I saw this study on Momlogic regarding Teen having Sex in school. It is three parts and tis quite eye opening.
  • And now for something humorous (for all of you guitar hero fans out there). Thanks to ViralBlog for pointing this out to me.

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