Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I'm a new contributor!

I'm excited to announce that I will be contributing to a new blog called Ecumeniball (as well as this one). It is a Co-op of Pastors who write on sports. I'm probably going to contribute on my day off since sports is one of my hobbies. I really excited about it. Here is my first post over there and my Super Bowl Prediction.

Last weekend, I was reminded how good one man can be. A lot of people rag on Brett Favre in recent years for his gunslinger attitude and his age but man, did he have a good game over the weekend! Even after Ryan Grant's pre-game jitters lasting into the second quarter (see two fumbles in the first quarter resulting in Seahawk touchdowns), Favre was able to lead his team to a convincing 42-20 win. On one play, the guy should have been eating turf, thus forcing the Field Goal Unit to come out, but he some how managed to scramble to his right (in the snowy conditions), and while falling, complete a pass for a first down to his tight end.

Farve needs to be in the Super Bowl simply because he will make the game fun to watch.(that and Eli Manning should forfeit his right to play in the Big Game because he is now busy with his other sport - licking Oreos). While Green Bay is one of the youngest teams in the league, the poise they showed on Saturday Night points to Brett's leadership trickling down to every member of his team. I know Brady's 26-28 performance overshadowed Favre's but the guy was 18-23 in awful conditions with 3 TDs. That's a pretty good day's work. To think, I laughed in the preseason when he said that he thought this Packers team was going to be something to reckon with after an awful 2006 season.

With that said, my Super Bowl prediction: New England vs. Green Bay. The Super Bowl XXXI rematch would make for an interesting game. The juggernaut New England Patriots against Superman and his young guns. The Comeback story versus the Dynasty. The good guys versus the sneaky cheaters. Rich Eisen and ESPN will have plenty to focus on for the two week pre-game show with this match-up. Besides, I want to see Green Bay in there if only to see Frank Caliendo do his John Madden impression for FOX (the network broadcasting the game) in which he will mentions Brett Favre a thousand times instead of the traditional one hundred being that Favre is actually playing in the game for once.

With no disrespect to the Lightning Bolts, they don't stand a chance. Though San Diego's D can at least mimic what Jacksonville did over the weekend with their good cover corners, the Chargers are too banged up on offense to put up enough points to match New England. Even though LT is probably coming back for game) and Volek is probably an upgrade over the inconsistent Rivers, it is hard to see any scenario where the Chargers win. The Indy win wasn't too surprising since they have had the Colts number of the last few seasons. Beating New England in Foxboro will be much harder.

Besides, Brady proved that he will be the QB we will be talking about for the next ten years. It would only be fitting that he gets a chance to take the torch from Favre by beating him in the Super Bowl. The Giants will put up a good fight but the Lambeau mystique will be too much for young Eli. Green Bay punked them in the Meadowlands earlier in the season without a strong running game and I think they will do it again.

Regardless who plays, I just hope it is a close game that is entertaining because we all know that very rarely the Super Bowl is actually the best game of the season.

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