Thursday, January 3, 2008

I'm jacked to be back. . .

While I love vacation and seeing family, I'm glad to be back in Raleigh. I also realized something. I got into to ministry to be investing in people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Last month, it was hard because I was in a lot of meetings that took up my time. I also had to get a lot of work so I could keep my family time pure. So I was working a lot by myself. I like reading but usually around people in a Library or a "Five"bucks.

I realized recently I missed a lot of the students and hanging out with them. I miss interacting with them and seeing the joy in their life. I am also really pump up by some of things I'm planning for this next few months, especially the relationship series starting on the 20th of this month. One of the biggest issues in Teen culture is Dating and Sex. Don't believe me, look at the top songs from iTunes:

The Top 30 songs all deal it in some form (I know I listen to them all and watched the Videos on YouTube). It's an important issue that I can't wait to see what God's word says.

See you soon. It is good to be back.

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