Friday, January 25, 2008

First Impression vs. Last Interaction

Seth Godin posted an interesting treatise concerning the First Impression vs. the Last Interaction. It got me thinking about Churches in this light. We go a long way sprucing up the building and the surrounding but if the people inside are uglier than the building than they will never like Christ. That is what the whole book Unchristian is about. The last experience most have with the church/Christ is bad and that taints them until they can have a new first impression with Jesus.

Today, I was at the doctor with my wife and we had the same doctor I had for my physical back in October. During that time, I talked with the lady doctor about my new job and the church. Today, she remembered me and says she has been listening to the podcast online and she has been hoping that her husband will come some time. I pray that she continues to have a good last experience through the podcast that her and her husband will one day show up and start/continue their journey with Jesus. . .

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