Thursday, December 6, 2007

My things have changed. . .

Last night, Lori and I watched Babes in Toyland last night (it was Lori's choice). For all of you younger then say 30, it is a cheesy yet my wife loves it. While watching it though I had many of thoughts with most of them centered around how things have changed from 1960 to today.

Let me list the ways:
  1. Kids movies then used bigger words. I was shocked to hear some of the words that they were using that I honestly think would go above today's kids heads. I often think I use big words too much but at least I take solace knowing that there was a time (probably when kids read more than watched T.V.) that teens would understand bigger words. There was one point where Mary was singing about not being able to pay her mortgage. What movie today would handle this topic?
  2. I would much rather sing a song to communicate then simply talk about it. Granted, songs are more attention grabbing then simple speech but it makes me jealous that more people can't simply bust out in song. In today's movies, popular songs already written are used rather than the "character" singing.
  3. A plot did not seem to matter. It was all about entertainment and the music, not telling a good story. There were actually 3 different movies in one. At one point, I asked Lori, "Why is this called Babes in Toyland since I don't see a Toyland anywhere let alone Barbara Streisand?" The movie was all over the place. This would not keep a child's interest. Today's attention span would not be able to keep up.
  4. Most importantly, child labor would be frowned on today. At one point, about 5 kids were "volunteered" to help put together toys for Christmas. Plus, I hinted a form a racism against Gypsy in the movie that would never have flew past the ACLU.
  5. Graphics have come a LONG way.
Just a couple thoughts. Some changes were good, others maybe not. Over the last few year, how have you changed for the good? How about for bad?

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