Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Who knew using a GPS could be so fun. . .

So I tried a new hobby this weekend: Geocaching. A friend of ours, Chris, was down for the weekend and he is into this advanced form of hide and seek using a GPS to hunt down little film containers hidden somewhere. Chances are you have walked past "caches" and don't even know it. I found five with Chris. We should have found two more if we had more time last Sunday. All of it is based off of GPS coordinates you get from the website and then you look for it. There was one that was simply a hollowed out bolt screwed into a transformer with a log in it that you sign to say "you found it". If you didn't have the clues or a GPS, you wouldn't even suspect any thing was there.

It got me thinking about how many times I go through the day and "think" past God or walk past something that God is hidden. I see something awesome and think nothing of it. I then read the Bible and I realize what I have been walking past everyday. Those of us that have the divine "GPS" known as the Bible, we can find hidden treasures in life. There are a lot of people searching for something but have no idea where to look. Chris was showing Lori and I the ropes and what to look for. It was fun.

I believe the Bible is more like a GPS system than an other form of direction. People say a lot that the Bible is a roadmap but that is too concrete. If I don't know where I am on a map, how helpful can it be? A map can tell us where things are but can't tell us how to get there. It has no way of interacting with us to tell us if we are going the right way or even if we have started in the right place. A GPS is constantly updating and telling its user how far off target the user is. It helps us zero in on truth and shows us how far we are from what we are looking for.

So, do you see the Bible as a roadmap or a GPS? Do you know where you are and how far you are from the "hidden" goal? Are you just walking by truth and don't even realize it?


David said...

Amazing insight! Thank you for giving that to me to pray and ponder over.

Chris said...

Nice analogy! Glad you enjoyed the experience. It's good to have someone to geek out with :-) Thanks again for allowing me to come visit. I had a great time!

To take the analogy a step further...The GPS is more accurate when there are no obstacles (treed, clouds, etc.) in the way. How many things of this world do we allow to be obstacles in our lives, that cause our "GPS" to not work to it's fullest potential?