Thursday, November 29, 2007

Stopping to smell the roses. . .

Today I decided to walk from my apartment to the Church. It's a little over 2 miles and it took me like an hour (rather than the 5 minutes by car) to do. I amazed me how nice it was just to slow down. I was able to see some really nice houses and landscaping. I also able to see how hilly it was or how many leaves are on the ground. It was refreshing and calming. It was neat to see God in the leaves all around. I also walked from the church to the bank and noticed some great places along the way to maybe just go and relax. I also noticed some crummy-looking houses that I never saw before.

How many times in life do we simply go to fast and speed right by things. Things that are beautiful. Things that are cool. Things that are beneficial. We go too fast to really see the things are God and even miss the problems in are life.

How good are you at slowing down to see God?

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