Wednesday, November 14, 2007

"It's a miracle!"

Who knew you could get some outstanding theological insight from ESPN. Columnist Gregg Easterbrook wrote the following:

"TMQ has long objected to athletes and sports announcers calling exciting outcomes a 'miracle.' First, a miracle is an event that contravenes physical law -- I have never seen anything in sports that contravenes physical law, and neither have you. Second, to describe a sports outcome as a 'miracle' is to suggest that God will not intervene on Earth to stop human suffering in Africa or the Middle East, but does intervene to determine the outcome of football games. Third, if you call a good outcome a miracle, what do you call a bad outcome? Earlier this season, when Jon Kitna returned to a game from a concussion to lead Detroit to a close victory, he said afterward, 'It was a miracle.' This Sunday, Kitna threw two interceptions and lost two fumbles as the Lions got pounded. What was that, divine retribution for Kitna's sins?"

This illustration is great because I know I get caught thinking after I do something good, that it was all God, and after the bad, that it was all me. I know God doesn't make me sin. But does God deserve all the credit for all of my good? Ultimately, yes but we do have a some stake in the matter and the process. Genesis 1:26-27 talks about us being created in the image of God to have dominion over the earth. We do get to have some of the credit because God has left us to make some decisions on this earth and stand for him as his agent/ambassador. We have to make the choice to say we are choosing to honor God and not ourselves. Likewise, some of our bad days do come from God as a way to "correcting" the stupidity God sees us do. So to the thought that all bad things that happen are our fault is incomplete.

So yes he should get the credit for our motives and some of the blame but bigger question is this: in the all things we say, do, or think about, is God being given credit for making me and this world? Am I honoring his name and his image? Am I thankful for everything, the good and the bad? Are you lost in the mystery of this?

Note: I probably didn't do this topic justice but it is always good to wrestle with.

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