Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Things I wished were never invented. . .

Here are some things I wish were never invented:

1) Wallpaper - Could there be an uglier thing in the world? Plus, have you ever tried to change it?
2) Non-dairy creamer - It is disgusting and I never know how much to add.
3) Blackberries/PDA's - Aka electronic leashes. I know it allows people to stay connected at all times but is that a good thing? It is bad enough I have to put up with Cell phones ringing but do I have to compete with e-mail/internet access.
4) "Crotch Rockets" - they spawn so of the most annoying drivers in the world. . .
5) White Castle - Sliders are disgusting. . .
6) Chick-Fil-A Stand-alone stores- Not because I hate it but because I love it some much. Who knew they have awesome Milkshakes! At least when they were only in the Mall I could avoid them more. Also, I always want to visit them on sundays and they are closed. Again not a bad thing (actually to the contrary) but I want something more that I cannot have.
7) Text Messages - Only because I cannot stand the corrupting of the English language. OMG! IDK! My BFF Jill! Keep it to only text messages! en 1 w/me?

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