Tuesday, October 16, 2007

So what is my job?

From Church Relevance, (bold is my emphasis)

"A recent study by The Barna Group researched the spirituality of teens as well as what they want and learn from church. Here is what they discovered:

In a typical week,

* 72% of teens pray
* 48% attend a worship service at a church
* 35% attend Sunday school
* 33% attend youth group
* 32% participate in a small group
* 31% read the Bible

What teens expect at church:

* 45% of teens expect “to worship or make a connection with God”
* 42% expect “to better understand what I believe”
* 34% expect “to spend time with close friends”
* 34% expect “to get encouraged or inspired”
* 30% expect “to volunteer or help others”

What teens prefer for church:

* 39% of teens prefer a church that teaches how their faith should influence everyday decisions and lifestyle
* 16% prefer a church that teaches the traditions and background of their faith
* 45% do not care

What topics taught at church shaped teens’ views in the last 12 months:

* 65% said moral and ethical standards
* 62% relationships
* 55% faith traditions
* 50% evangelism
* 35% media, movies, and television
* 30% money and finances
* 28% the supernatural world
* 27% leisure activities
* 26% government and law
* 22% art and music
* 21% health issues
* 9% technology

Overall, the research is not surprising. Sadly, it affirms that a large portion of teens just don’t care. It is not that they simply just don’t care about the teaching style; the low levels of weekly spiritual commitment also prove that they don’t care enough to invest their time into spiritual things.

Obviously, hearing God’s Word is not enough to transform many teenagers into being doers of God’s Word. So what is needed to engage these teenagers in a way that causes them to start caring enough to do God’s Word? I believe that meaningful relationships are the key. The measure of your relationship with teenagers directly affects the measure of the influence you have with them. And your influence can dramatically shape how they live their lives."

Dan's thoughts: I think Teens are bored in church usually and they don't hear anything of substance. They only hear things that are relevant by someone who cares.

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