Thursday, October 11, 2007

Kid Nation. . .


I watch Kid Nation on CBS Wednesday night (well not last night on this morning). If you don't know it is a collection of 40 8-15 kids living by themselves in New Mexico with hopes of building a new town. Last night episode dealt with religion. I wasn't surprised to see what I saw. All of the kids did not see a problem in a having one religious service for all religions. Hearing the kids speak about their own faith broke me heart. The kids all said some good things but the only arguments I heard for separating the faiths up is that it will create fights between the sects. CBS spins this the same way. They even gave the kids an assortment of religious texts for them to study. There is a scene where a Jewish kid and a Christian kid both read Genesis 1 and come to the conclusion that that it all sounds the same.

Of course, this could be just creative editing but I really think this is what MANY kids think today. All prayer leads to the same God and all of this fighting is stupid. If I pick up my phone hoping to call my wife, dial randomly, I shouldn't be surprised if Domino Pizza picks up. If I hear my wife's name and I think of one of a tutu wearing polar bear on a unicycle, then I'm not thinking of my wife. If don't have the right picture or the place to look to God, then we are not praying to God. He is the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings and if you read the OT, he is the God of all Gods.

Parents, how are you talking about Christianity? Is it just another religion or a way to know the Most High God?


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