Friday, October 12, 2007

It has been long over due. . .

Last night, Lori and I did something that we needed to do for like three months. We made a budget. I now feel a lot better about our finances. For the last three months, I was freaking out about every time we spent money. Now, I feel freedom. I know where all of the money is going and I can't believe how much more focused our money is and why I didn't take the time to do it sooner. Listening to Dave Ramsay at Catalyst, motivated me to step up and make us put every thing on paper for a purpose. I repent that I have not been a better manager of God's money. I have not stepped up to the plate to lead my household better. If you are not a budget, get on one yesterday and tell me if you don't feel relieved.


Topher said...

i can testify to the greatness that is the budget.

check out my blog some time, man.


Dan said...

Dude, where is your blog? Facebook? I would like to RSS.