Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I knew there was something fishy about that guy. . .

Thanks a lot J.K. Rowling for telling us something that has nothing to do with anything. In case you haven't heard, Dumbdledore was gay the whole time. To quote John Cloud from TIME, "I don't see how Rowling's outing of Dumbledore strikes a blow for gay equality." How does it change anything that he was gay? Actually, it does. It seems like society is saying the same thing. Cloud goes on to write,

"But here is a gay man as de-sexed as any priest—and, to uncomfortably extend the analogy, whose greatest emotional bond is with an adolescent boy: scarred, orphaned, needy Harry. Rowling said at Carnegie Hall that in her conception of his character, Dumbledore had fallen in love long ago with Gellert Grindelwald when the two were just teenagers. But Grindelwald turned out to be evil, which apparently broke Dumbledore's heart."

Apparently, Rowling is implying that Dumbdledore is apart of NAMBLA or something. Yes, I am an evangelical and I have certain options about homosexually but why doesn't Rowling let her books speak for themselves and keep some mystery around them.

While I've never read the books, I do enjoy the movies. Will this ruin them for me? Maybe. But I am sick of people declaring their sexuality as some type of banner of honor. "I'm gay" or "I'm straight" or "I'm into donkeys", does it matter because all of them are identities that I'm now willing to die for or that really categorize me fully. They are limiting because they don't give me a purpose. In the Potter Books, Dumbdledore's purpose was save the world not "be gay". Much like today, if I call myself gay, then my purpose is to have as many gay relationships as possible. If I call myself heterosexual, same thing but with the opposite sex.

How we label ourselves will impact how we live out our lives. The only true label that I need to strive to live by is that of "Christ-follower". Every other label is selfish because it is devoid of a purpose that exist greater than oneself. Whether Gay or straight, that shouldn't be the first thing we call ourselves.

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